Friday, January 1, 2016

I Love Greens

I even love the 'green' color itself. Olive green its my all time fave.

Our (mini) front yard as taken in last week of  December 2015
You is a bit mess :)) a beautiful mess--for us at least
Can you spot corn, roses, sunflowers etc sharing the same place? :))
Oh, you couldn't see the papaya tree for now...wait until it grows bigger :))

Our carport and (still mini) side yard
The big three are lemongrass, bay leaf (the tallest) and chili.
Yes, c-h-i-l-i. You see the shrub behind lemongrass bush? Apparently my chili tree is the biggest in the area.
(I am still wondering by the way how that chili tree can grow that big--its siblings didn't grow that big, just normal like other chili trees)

Still far from our dream green house by the way... but it is a good start. Starting from our very own house, to make a better life; for us, for our earth, for our next generation :)

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