Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy Birthday.. Me!

Yesterday, I read Diana Rikasari blog post about her birthday. She said that in her birthday this year, she didn't feeling like sort of celebrating it because she was too busy focusing on her son in the entire year. And you know, I guess I do feel that..


People said it tons times; raising kids is not a joke. It takes your energy, your time, your emotion, simply it takes you. There were days when I was feeling like that I am drained. But this is what we should do, right? Or at least this is what I choose to do..

Due kids' golden years (until they are 5 years old approximately), I commit to myself to take Azka as my first priority, above all. So it's not about how balancing between kids and work life (or whatever); it is Azka first, and everything else can wait.

Of course its easy to say but sometimes hard to do. But I keep reminding myself; it is only couple of years until he can play or doing everything by himself, then I can have my me-time as much as I want..

It is a 'sacrifice' at first that will determine what Azka will be in the future..

That this is maybe a hard times for now...but surely I will miss it someday. And I don't want to feel sorry for that..

And because, after a long-tiring day, seeing he sleep peacefully still the most heartwarming things that keep me going :)

So you see... how can I thinking about petty things like my birthday when I have something big to take care of everyday? :)))

But anyway... do you think it is a bit unfair to let birthday slip by without something uncommon?? Gonna ask hubby if I can have a bowl of Yoshinoya then :p

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