Saturday, March 7, 2009


In the corner of the coffee shop

Awake by myself in the middle of the rain

Could you tell me how will this all end?

I have no idea about the future

Stay here, oh just stand by my side

Life is just too wide to spend alone

Where the flower blooms, i hope i’ll be there

I’ll give you one and catch for me too

It is just a dream by a young girl

Hope she will turn out the sky into yellow

Why should, we still have into the blue?

It just a dream by a young girl

Why should we still have into the blue?

*i made this poetry in a very strange mood.
actually i'm not sure what it's all just fit my mood that time


Zayn Zesha said...

eh.. aku koq gak pernah ngerasa dapet isyarat dari Tyzha ya???


misstyzha said...

ihhhhhh.ngaco.hahaha..iya mas soale yg dikasi isyarat orang sebelah bukan situ hhehehe