Sunday, August 2, 2009

love is in the air now

ah, i meet someone new..(not as new as that actually)
he come from the past..(hmm, about one year ago)

all i wanna said that i've been touched
why he feels so right?

he's not perfect at all
not the charming man with heavenly smile
or guy with tons of gift by God
even not the one who treat me like the one

he just so so
but why..(again) he feels so right..

i'm mad to him, he probably make me mad almost all the time
but he will find a way to cheer me up..
till i think 'hey i can accept the way he is!'
'being cold and flat is not as bad!'

and i'm impressed..
i can see him not only as my soulmate, but as the one i wanna stand my life with

it is the first time happened..

and for this thing, i won't surrender dear :)


mas johan asa said...

hihihi tyzo.. apa tokoh guy dalam lirikmu itu seperti yang ada dalam pikiranku? hihihi semangattt tyzhooo.. ^ ^

misstyzha said...

haha..kayaknya bukan deh mas hehe