Friday, October 16, 2009

morning rush

i wake up late this morning, around 5.30 AM. i used to get up around 3 or 4 then make myself busy in the kitchen preparing some meal for me and my brother. yea, it's tough to live alone! but i really enjoy it, so no matter at all.

yesterday i planned to go market today morning but yeah.. no more time left after 5.30 have to count the time to go to the market, then back house, chop this and that to make some supper. and your brother have class on 7. so finally i just made scrambled egg with vegetable soup.

poor for me, my brother wake up late too so he couldn't have his breakfast, just grab a cup of tea. oh well..

so dear, it is almost 9 AM, i have to do some of my college tasks. fyi, we got to make some questionnaire for marketing class. this questionnaire made for our lecturer, to see in which categories they are. i already made some categories such as 'cool lecturer', 'the stylish one', and also 'strict' haha! so you see it's kind of interesting :)

got to go now, i'll see you around!

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