Friday, December 31, 2010

Twenty Two!

[sketched in Adobe Illustrator CS3 then colored in Adobe Photoshop CS3]

I’m officially 22 nooowww hahaha! So how does it felt? Hmm quite strange than the previous one I suppose.. I wasn't feeling well along nite so I decide to take an early sleep (at 7 pm!! Imagine that!) *skip karaoke agenda with my colleagues. Too bad..

A very happy dream made me woke up and.. whoa, that’s already 12.30 AM! Teehee..  So many messages on my phone, most of it were from my pals, oh I felt overwhelmed by happiness :)
Anyway.. here is random things about my birthday:

1.    Dream which made me woke up was about my bf came to my house in the early morning haha.. I felt so happy till I woke up and realized that it's still dark outside and he wasn’t there. Actually he was sick in the nite before I have birthday, so I didn’t ask more from him, I’m okay with that, or at leat I'm pretending to be okay. Whatever. Final Projects finally beats him and he need to take a rest instead of staying late for me. I suppose I just miss him so much so I have that kinda of dream haha.. We haven’t meet almost a month, our commitment to keep things balanced *roll your eyes if you want to haha...

2.     First thing I learned in my new age is ask less accept more. Talking about something above :)

3.    …and birthday shouldn’t only mean we’re special on the day. But the most important thing is how to do something special to people around us :)

4.    First dish I ate was Silver Queen Chunky Bar Orange Peel flavored ahaha.. I woke up and take it straight from refrigerator. Chocolate made my day, yayyy!!

5.    I didn’t take a bath before sleep in the night before haha..

6.    I slept with my Research Design class material beside me. Horrifying, yes.

7.    But still.. I feel blessed. Thank you Allah :’)

8.    My brother still awake, online-ing. But he say nothing to me haha.. Don’t take it wrong. People may call it strange but he already remembering me about my birthday since previous day hihi.. Birthday greeting is kinda formal thing between us. We both know other well so I don’t need any greeting to make sure that he cares about my special day :)

9.    I felt a little dizzy. I’ve been lack of sleeping for weeks :)

10.    I planned to write about birthday post as soon as possible.. And here we go, I’m on my way presented it to y’all :)

Oh just a lil bit fact, I’ve got trouble with my colleague previous days ago. That problem made me sad and I cried a lot. I’ve been asking to myself what’s wrong with me but ended up nothing. But then I remembered one cute lady that told me my writings show how lively I am (do you think so, readers? She is so sweet saying nice thing like that :) ). What she said made me thinking; well, I may look the mellow one, sometimes I’m complaining, whining.. But mostly I’m a tough person and I really appreciate life. That made me become a happy person most of the time and I hardly crying or distressed. Is that the point of lively? Hihi… Anyway that becomes a great support for me. I forget my problem in seconds. I try to take easy of him and made a fun of everything bad he said about me hihi.. We can’t please everybody in the world after all :)

Well enough then for my birthday post! Don't get bore with it but I wanna say again that I feel so blessed today.. Thank you Allah, not for always gave perfect things happen in my life, but let me see life in perfect way. I’m so happy I have You and thank you for staying with me always :’)

Welcome life! I’m 22!!! :)


tealovecoffee said...

Happy birthdaaayyyy :D wishing u all the best & may your dreams come true

cute painting!

btw is chunky bar orange delicious?
*curious XD

misstyzha said...

mbak tiaaa...!! aww thankies for the nice comment :)

yes, the orange one tastes great! a perfect mix between chocolate and freshness of orange peel. but still i prefer the dark choc one :)

what's ur fave flavor anyway? *just curious too :)