Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I believe Borneo has the most beautiful skies I've ever seen..


Fifteen miles high
Nothing but the sky
Shining in your eyes

 (Nothing But the Sky-Ivy)


lisana icha said...

jadi ingat komentar pak Johan Silas hari ini di diskusi tol tengah Surabaya, he said that you'll find blue skies anywhere in Indonesia but in Java... Surabaya's only had some nice blue skies in the past few years... I guess you're lucky!

misstyzha said...

yes! I grew up with forestry, small hills and blue skies around. But I'm sure Madura has the beautiful skies too; I take some photos of it on my last trip there. So you are lucky too :)

w_wied said...

i haven't yet realized Borneo has this kind of sky until i read your post. I always push myself to sleep to relive my jetlag during my flight,.hehe

essa_satu said...

is it a code for showing me about borneo kan,,,hahhaha,,yo kenapa nge post nya pas tgl 19 hihihi,,hayo, you're not been posting any article since the latest post...ayo ayo,,aku tunggu

misstyzha said...

honestly i did the same wid haha..but that was really a special one. i mean, i back home alone and surprisingly really enjoy my individual trip. even i didn't need to push myself to sleep. i feel great, taking many photos, talk to strangers during the cetera :)

so if u ask me, i dunno am i will have those kinda enjoyable time seeing those blues skies next time. i probably sleeping hihihi..

misstyzha said...

@mas ai
how can you said that i made any code?? is that what you've been hopin for, see a lil bit about my hometown? hihi..

i hv no idea about the date. but i'm sure it has no particular reason dear should decrease your 'GR' a lil bit more hihi...