Saturday, July 9, 2011

Eye Surgery

Hello dear readers! Whoa such a long time, eh? Well luckily I'm not going to give you another shit about time management again hihi yess.. So where have I been? Okay the truth is I had my eyes fixed in past weeks. What I mean by fixed is I had an eye surgery using laser technology to reduce my myopia. Now I'm still in recovery phase so I shouldn't forced my eyes to doing something like facing PC monitor or what (but lil bit is allowed.. I can die if not...) After all I'm super excited now since I don't need glasses anymore to see the world!! It feels sooo amaziiingggggg!!! Hello cute guyss woohooo.. haha

I'll pretty much look like this now..

When you finally taking off your thick glasses, people generally think you will become more good looking, rite? The fun thing is that doesn't work for my grandma. At the first time she saw me without glasses she said that I look more beautiful with my glasses on.. Gosh, I seriously thinking about commit suicide :)) But I get a better response from my grandpa which rrrreally like the idea of me having chance to use sunglasess. He said that I'll look like a journalist hihi.. I think it is a very nice compliment when I was thinking myself as a lady in Hajj.. *people usually using sunglasses eh when they are in Hajj? That is so hot an sunny there :)

Ah that's enough for now, I'll see you later!

PS: some of my best friend officially graduated! Hope to hear that! :) And I'm looking for the graduation ceremony too.. Even my own will be hold next March hehehe.. Oh and my family is here, in Surabaya right now! I'll have some quality time till next 14th of July :)

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