Sunday, July 31, 2011

For the Promise Sake: ICCI 2011

Another self browsing old photos and suddenly remembered that I have been owed you to post the 'serious' post about ICCI 2011 *see the fun version post here Whoaaa... It has been ages yaa... Pardon mee.. *how cliche*. Anyway... but better late than never eh? Enjoy some of the snapshots :)

We provide something like a hall of fame wall for the participant (and us) to take a pictures :D

Me with Toya in the registration desk where we worked :D

I didn't take many pictures during the event, I was too busy deal with the computer, LCD speaker and so on.  All I can say is that was an uber cool event and definitely an amazing experience for me personally. I have been looking forward to ICCI 2012 or 2013 :) You guys who are interested in art, social, design and architecture field should come and join us next! And if you excited to know how the event was going, feel free to check on an article that I wrote for my university website. Just click on this link!

I'll see you in no time people! x

PS: the copyright of the last two photos are go to Product Design Industry ITS

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