Sunday, July 24, 2011


I asked my bf to buy me a particular book and he went to Jakarta for that reason! He sent the book right away (he lives in Bogor anyway) and finally it's comiiinggg! Yayness!!!

Waaaa!!! Can't wait to read it! Hope it will be useful for my Final Project, yay!

Bonus #1: a really really sweet note from him. Oh I miss this guy so much :')

Bonus #2: He made an illustration too!
Have just realized that he drew me without glasses anymore hihi..

Anyway, I found a lot of cracks in grammar on my previous post :O. Sorry guys, I'm 100% admit that I still need a lot of practice in English, even though I have been learning this language since I was in Elementary School. I especially weak in listening and, yes, grammar. I had edited the post again but let me know if you still found another crack! :)

Oh, and honestly I've been mad to my bf since this morning. Not a very serious thing actually... It just something that we should face through this long distance relationship. I know that we can manage it at the end but still, sometimes it's felt really hard, painful, and tiring :( I've been looking forward to the end of this ldr anyway...

I'll see you soon, cupcakes x


sabilablabla said...

hihi lucu banget mbak ilustrasinya.. btw, masnya tinggal di bogor dimananya, mbak? hehe

misstyzha said...

tinggalnya di dket2 narogong situ sabilaa...KM 7.soalnya lagi training di holcim academy hehe.. oh, jangan bilang kamu anak bogor juga?kayak si fajarusalem anak gaul bogor hehe

sabilablabla said...

haha.. iyaa mbak, anak geol tina bogor saya.. haha.. oh jauh dri peradaban tu mbak kyaknya. Di cileungsi sonoh. Klo orang bogo, mah bilangnya, "eta mah ti leuweung" haha.. dikirain dket2 kotanya.. salam sukses dan sakinah buat mbak tyzha sama masnya yah.. :p