Monday, August 8, 2011

Azka and Lily

Lily is Too Curious with What Her Brother Doing
ink on paper, colored by marker then retouched and background doing in Photoshop CS3

Plan to post this illustration as an Eid Mubarak congratulation post; see the gesture of Azka look like he is celebrating something?; but give apologize for my euphoria, I can't wait, so here it is a regular post.

Why children illustration? The truth is I have been dreaming about having three or maybe five children. I am so in love with all those petite creatures and can't wait to feel all the baby kicks in my tummy :')

My everlasting (and maybe craziest) dream is surrounded by kids who take my hands and saying "Mommy mommy.." with their cutest angelic voice. Oh my... hahaha...

Anyway, in my story, Azka is the second children when Lily (her full name is Malika), are the youngest. The big sister is Caca or Sazha which I already made before here.

Sorry for my craziness! Haha...


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