Monday, August 8, 2011

When Kale Meets Corned

I was too lazy going out to buy any food for iftar. So, instead of buying single meal everyday, I went to supermarket and bought some groceries for.. I don't know, a week stockpile maybe :p

Those were simple dishes you should try cause they were yummy and effortless. I made my signature dish Tumis Kangkung as an appetizer. What is kangkung in English?*searching via Google translate* Oh they said it was kale.. So tumis kangkung means Kale Sauteed... Okay then... how to make it? First thing you should do is chopping the kitchen herbs like onions, garlics and chilies. The amount stands on your own flavor. Then you saute them till it spread the good smell before add the seasoning such as salt, sugar and oyster sauce. Last, add the chopped kale and tomatoes. Done.

I was big fan of Fried Tempe. And what makes better is making this dish is such damn easy. Marinate the tempe with garlic and salt or add pepper if you like more spicy taste. Let it stand for some minutes before fry it. Wait until it turns into brownish gold then remove from pan.

The last is my own try recipe. I name it Spicy Corned Ball. All you need is flour, onion leaves, egg, and water. Chop the herbs then mix it with others while add some salt and sauce. After it well mixed, add a chopped corned beef. Corned beef is what I have in my refrigerator, but I tried to put a nugget too and it works as well. So I think whatever it is as long as it  meat-based will works. After that, all you need is just fry them, piece a piece. Just like when you fry a fried bananas. Just remember, don't fry too long or it will burn but don't too hasty either or it will raw inside. Wait until it turns brownish, yes?

The rest what you need to do is enjoy them together with have-just-cooked rice. Such a good deal for your empty-tummy after fasting all day :)

So what do you think? I'm not pretending like I am a master chef or what cause I'm not. But I try to cook as much as possible even it started with simple dishes. I believe cooking is essential, especially for woman. We need to cook a good meal so our future husband (and child) bear at home *look who's talking :p* Anyway that's what my mom has done. Even she is working nine hours a day, she never left any single day to cook for her family. Not to mention her cooks are fabulous :)

I'll see you around!

PS: Tell me if you found any crack in grammar. I'm in a hurry (my looking-at-monitor-time is catching the limit) so I don't pay attention too much with the grammar thingy. Oh, I'm waiting the time when I can speak and writing like a native!

I have tuna in my freezer.. still thinking what experiment I'd make with this thing :)
Oh yeah, beside being a main course, the Spicy Corned Ball can be a snack. All you need is just eat it with mayonnaise. Ummm...yummy :9 Feels like eat western dish haha... 

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