Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Bit Chicken and Onion

Have no appetite to eat any rice later and, still, too lazy to go out for food, I cooked this one yesterday, as a dinner...

Sausage + chilies + onion + garlic + tempe (all chopped), fry in pan with margarine, not cooking oil if you want more savory taste, then add seasoning (oyster sauce, salt, sugar or sweet sauce work as well). As carbohydrate supplement I chopped a potato then fry it. Pretty simple, huh? Cooking can be so simple.

My personal rule is nothing left which is mean it’s okay to use leftover. Come on, there are people outside who are dying and you think you can just put leftover into trash bin? Use a little bit creativity, just mix what you have in refrigerator and you will surprised with the result. I’ll show you how leftover food beated a 20 y o student, in next post of course :) 

I’ll see you later!


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