Monday, September 12, 2011

#Day 1: Your Best Friend

High school
*my nose is so...euhhhh!*

On last hi school reunion, September 3rd 2011

One of my best friend, @MauLLidaa. Having this friendship since we were in high school till now we almost finish our undergrad degree... In a high school we shared same enthusiasm from taste till jokes, spending break time in warjok* until having remedial for particular science subjects, many times, hehehehe... Not like I'm proud of it of course...after all that was in the past :p
We simply had tons of similarities even people said we both alike. But of course Maul always beat me, she is natural-born beautiful ;p

Now Maul is studying in Jogja, majoring Medicine and I am in Surabaya, follow my passion in Design. But the chance to meet her still become my pleasure. For remembering those old times which were just too lovely to be forgotten :) Hope we can be BFF, eh, Maul? Don't forget me? *gosh, I can't believe I said such a things ;p*

Over n out people!

*warjok is stall that is located in the corner of our school building. That's why it's called warjok, which stand to warung pojok, a Bahasa for corner stall.

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