Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Bar and The Pinkish Stuff

People! Have been quite long, eh? Don't you miss me? ;p Well, here I come with hot updates!


Just like I have told you, I was busy preparing my first Final Projet bar. And last Thursday I finally got the chance to face that moment! I had been nervous all day long, but alhamdulillah everything  went well... very well :D

Did I look cool? ;p

The bar started late, which I called blessing in disguise. Why? Because the waiting time give me more time to read again all over my materials, scanning my handout and finally time to relax... See, how God helped you in surprisingly way! :)

Even I think I did good, the biggest part which made the bar ended well should went to all supports that my family, bf + his family and of course all my cool friends and everybody gave to me. Remember the wise word, pray is the biggest power on earth. Without all your prayers guys, I was nothing. You are all awesome! Thank you! Thank you!

...anyway it's not the end yet. I'm going to face the next bar few weeks away. But I feel much more confident since I believe all we have to do is just do the best, pray, then God will do the rest! :)

Next... won't talk much about it here since it gave me a heartbreak. But after all, you maybe know that I had worked in sort of office, yeah just say that. I had been believe that I'll be part of them until I graduate from my uni. But, God had His plan, everything changed and soon I found myself left them before I graduate.

A perfect mix of co-workers and family; bound in a same enthusiasm

I hardly visit them since I left cause it gave me a strange feeling; never really sure what it was. But right after all the bar thingy had done, I fulfill my own promise to went there. That time, they were holding open recruitment for new staffs. Papers, discussion, arguments, all covered in kinship atmosphere gave me the nostalgic feeling and soon I was feeling blue.

I never regret my choice to left since it wasn't an overnight thinking. But I always thinking that I hadn't push myself to the limit before I left, that I hadn't been a good leader, and so on... One thing that I am happy about is, they are all in good hand now. My successor will do better than me, I'm sure about that :) *you may call this chapter an atonement... or longing form ;p*

Okay skip the blues! Now, it's time to pinkish stuff!

(image from Google)

I was browsing along through Google when my eyes caught this gorgeous gown. I never familiar with 1920's style until know, but if it's really the example of the dresses of that era, can you kill me now?

I am a big fan of dusty color and this salmon pink gown fits the rules. Don't mention the flower smocks even the fitting, I simply want to die cause this is the wedding gown of my dream!! I am wondering is it will be as gorgeous in ivory...

I'll see you in no time cool people! Kisses!!!


lisana icha said...

looking great, mbak! :)

misstyzha said...

I think I was! haha..