Monday, December 26, 2011

Dream Wedding Gown

I’m into Dian Pelangi rite now… I drooling over her bride collection. I personally like it better than Irna la Perle. Well, they have different style of course and DP suits me better. The collection is... colorful yet glamour. It is clearly represent wedding as a celebration. Festive!

No thin transparent material.. It just bold. Soo different…  And the best thing is she use a lot of colorful gems. I think I was bored with swarovski... so seeing embroideried gowns with those candies color is just wonderful.

DP in her wedding day, wearing her own collection

Of course I "force"’ my bf to take a look for them in DP’s boutique hehe... Can’t wait to hear what he thinks of them ;p Oh I'm dreaming about wearing sort of those gown in my future wedding :) Aaaamminnn!

I'll see you later! :)


essa.abubakar said...

Yeahh..almost of them are very fabulous gown..I'm prefer the 3rd and 5th to others..but the last picture is also suite enough for you mi..I'm sure those gown will make you look more elegant and more beautiful, even you're already beautiful..:)

misstyzha said...

is it what you mean by last pic is the DP herself pic? if yes, then it's the same gown as you said as 3rd pic honey..ah I see you are looking forward to see wearing white hehe...honestly I the 3rd pic, or the last, is my favorite..that's why you need to visit her boutique ASAP hehehe...

essa.abubakar said... we share same idea on that matter.
Mmmhh..I've arranged the schedule for visiting that boutique, or is there any phone number which can be dialed by us mi? Just in case I can't catch the boutique.

Marion said...

Gorgeous gowns! However, I guess even tuxedos or 3 button suits will not jive in that kind of dress.