Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lovely Bandung

Hello people, howdy? How's your weekend so far? Mine's pretty busy with all the sketches and fears which seems hanging in my mind everywhere. Duh.

Today me and the girls are going to have a massage in Rumah Cantik Citra. It will be the first for me and I think it will be a good retreat from all the hectic left from last bar. Hoping that after get all the relaxing touches I'll be full of spirit facing the days ahead! Woohoo!!

Anyway... I miss this city so much..

I think I won't finish my Bandung report since it was already a year past but I keep my promise sharing some snapshots left. Oh I just wanna comeback to this lovely city...

That's Dila, not me.

 More snapshots are about to come! Do wait! :)


PS: I feel really lonely without his voice around... But I keep it as this would be good learning especially for him to value anger and the reason behind, then learn from it, not just think it as a silly thing that will be ended soon like (I supposed) he used to be.. I'm furious about this

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