Saturday, December 10, 2011


Hello peeps.. I feel like writing know even I'm not sure what I'am going to write... Anyway this time is one of the period... yes, you guessed right, that girl's monthly period when I have all the ups and downs, and drama queen attitude. Blah. I was wondering is there any girl outside who doesn't feel this way? I mean it would be fun if we don't exaggerated small things or act over emotional which come from something called hormones. Euh. Just fyi, my crying bomb on my last bar was caused by this unique hormone. Read my previous post. Thank you very much. Not.

Umm... next week I'm going back to my hometown for short holiday. Airplane ticket is already in my hand and I just can't help imagining how peaceful my life would be there. But before that, I should meet my counselor to fix drawing style for my upcoming final project. Not an easy thing to do but I hope for the best since I got a TOTAL revision from last bar and I really need to work hard if I still wanna graduate next March. God... *burst in tears*

See I did another babbling and rumbling... Hormones!

Well another thing is I got another argue with my bf. Oh is it really argue? Well just said I have been mad at him, again. It was simple thing as usual when he was sleepy and wanted to hanged the phone when in fact I WAS THE ONE WHO HOLD MY SLEEPING TIME for waiting him back home. Ha! After my sacrifice he easily wanted to hanged the phone? How selfish is that?! Oh of course he soon realized and offered to call me again. but that "I'm sleepy. I'll call you next morning" is unforgivable. Sorry I'm not that easy, boy, since this was not the first time you did such a thing to me. Huh.

I know I can be so annoying sometimes and most of you may think 'what the hell mad for such silly thing'. But this is my period. I can't handle it. It's hormone! Can I become a queen, at least once for a month? After I deal with all his working hours, soccer time, his me time, am I ask too much for nite call in the weekend? Am I ask too much? I don't wanna be become more drama queen-ish by saying is his sleeping time more important than me... But just be fair, I just ask a couple minutes, and he can sleep all day long later...that was weekend! I never asked him to buy me this and that, as a joke yes. I never asked him to visit me regularly. I just ask him hold his sleeping time for couple minutes for the God sake! :(

It give me blues.

I hate the fact I need to feel something like this every month. I was tired of yelling so I decided to be quiet. If he can't give me what I need, I don't see any reason why should I hope for that.

I feel lonely to not talking with him... But it's way much better than feeling marginalized most of time. Gosh, I still can't get it why it is so hard for him to do... This is typical, underestimate small things :(

Wow... a long grumbling. Hormones. Accumulation. Hmm...

Well... enough for now. Enjoy your Saturday nite! I'm with my pencil and paper! Remember, anything melodramatic in this post, please blame the hormones! I'm normally a cool chick, don't worry hehehe...


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