Saturday, March 31, 2012

My March is Full of ♥

People tends to think February is the month of love. I used to. So you see it's like getting a surprise gift when I found out that March, is the one which was full of love ♥.
I never really pay attention to March and for years this month was just went by. But not this year, despite the engagement day that I had shared before, I was glad to share the other two events that almost as lovely as the first one I've mentioned :)

1. Friend's Graduation
I know I know I should be ashamed of it... Attending my colleagues graduation twice and I still haven't graduated yet? Ha!! But actually that was what happened.. I was feeling like wearing a thick glass over my face and try to think that no one of my junior will noticed me.. and asking 'when will you graduate, Sista?' ( I wasn't granted. ALL of them asked me the same question. But, thank's God, they were pray for me also. Relieve.)

the decoration reminds me to the jellyfish in Spongebob series :>
Next is my turn! For sure!!

2. Say it with Flower; cliché but works :)
My man wasn't born with romantic genes. But that doesn't mean he doesn't learning. Here is the proof:

Last 17th I was so mad at him sincee morning because my postcard (which should be already sent to his leasing house) wasn't come yet and he insanely stupidly forgot to check it in the post office when we both now that was his last day in Bogor (he would move to another city for his work). I was so sad because that was the first time I made a postcard to him, with all my love (I am not overrated!), and he simply treated it like I sent him postcard every single day. What a moron.

In the afternoon I planned to hangout with my partner-in-crime Dila. The weather was so bad that time, we got a gale and Dila was trapped out there when I was waiting in worry in The Library. My man called me once to inform that he was on his way moving, but I didn't give a damn about it. My mood become worse when he hung the phone in a second after knowing my current condition. I was hoping he called to pursue me forgive him...

But the wind blown in different direction when Dila came with holding a huge rose bouquet in her hand. At first I was so surprised and for a second I think it was from her. But when she said it was from my man, you know where all the mad was gone :D

So here the story was... Right after called me, my man called Dila, asked her to buy flowers in his name (that was one of the reason why Dila came late). At first he wanted to buy me my favourite flower ever, the sunflower! But poor Dila, she couldn't bring the approximately 1,5 meters in tall sunflower in pot hehe..(she ride motorcycle, by the way). So my man changed the plan. He asked Dila to buy 19 stalks of bloody red rose and arranged it into beautiful rose bouquet :)

Why 19? Because it was our anniversary date hehe..
The most beautiful flower I've got this year :)
The flowers changed my mood instantly. I kept hugging and sniffing for the rest of the day... and week. I put it in the water until it started withered then cut some pieces and try to make dried flower :)

So, all in all thanks for MasnyaMisstyzha... Even sometimes you can be such a pain in the ass, but thank you for always trying to win my heart back (not to mention that you always succeed :p). I love you, always :)

And of course thanks for Dila who were helping made this things happened! Aww... thank you berry much, dear! I manage to pay you in return! :p

You see now why my March is full of love! How about you? Did March treat you as well as I am? :)

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