Tuesday, March 27, 2012

BTS: Engagement Day

You have seen that I had been making a clutter about my engagement reception since... I don't know, a month ago? Well whatever, the point is, beside doing my Final Project I must admit that actually I don't have much time to prepare myself for the day. Of course I want to look stunning in that day but I didn't put that much effort except the make up trial that I did several times... (not to mention the result is still far away from the expectation :p )

At first I planned to wear the white embroidered kebaya-style blouse that I had buy but never get a chance to wear them and paired it with my family batik cloth. But I turned it down in a close time because I just feel I was no longer into it that time! It's hard to be moody humans, eh? And I mean really really close time! So the day before the engagement day my mom accompanied me to buy another outfit (cause there was no time to sew it, of course). Such a crazy time!

But thank's God it's not that hard to find the that outfit. I felt in love at the first sight with this pale green sequin dress.

Aaa..I'm not good at posing -__-
You see from the picture that my hijab suit my dress very well. Especially the green hijab which, same as the dress, contains beads and sequins. But do you now that actually it just a regular pale green parisian hijab that I bought less than IDR 15000? I bought some beads and sequin that look exactly like the ones in the dress and ask my friend Sari to set it in the plain hijab. Then, voila! It look really pretty and matching with the dress! Nobody will guess that I bought the dress and the hijab separatedly hehe... Thanks for the crafty hand, Sari! Please go visit her shop Sari Rajut which sell pretty accessories and everything made by knitting and combined with beads or sequins :)

Me with my aunt who help me styling the hijab :)
And I am sure you are more than familiar with all my stories about the make up trials and on. Well, since the outfit had been changed, so was the make up should be. So, instead of having a beauty sleep at the night before the day, I sat in front of the mirror and tried every make up combination that I think would suited me and the outfit, of course. Why would do such a thing? Well, since I didn't use any make up artist service, I should do the make up by myself. I didn't believe my mom nor my aunts to do this crucial things hehehe..

Thanks to:

Maybelline Clear Smooth BB cream
Maybelline Minerals Liquid Foundation (CO2 Rose White)
I buy the too light color so I just applied it in some spots to give the shimmer effect
Maybelline Clear Smooth face powder (Nude beige) 
Fanbo eyeshadow (lime green)
Oriflame Visions Soul Mates eyeshadow (Mickey and Minnie)
I only use the white one to put in the inner corner of my eye and a bit in the eyelid
Wardah lipstick (48 Rosemary)
Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto mascara  

Oh and I'm using Estetiderma Cleansing Milk to clean my face before doing the make-up and putting The Body Shop lip butter (grapefruit) on my lips long before applying the lipstick. It helps keeping your lips moist so the colour of the lipstick will turn out well :D

So... what do you think? Yay or nay? :p

I'll be around soon! Kisses!

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