Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Something Blue

I am watching some Hollywood movies which contains wedding reception and I have been wondering about it for quite times; where is the tradition of using 'something blue' come? Instead of white which the common color used in wedding, why blue?

Well anyway, I found blue, especially the turquoise and tosca, are relaxing colors. Really cool and who guess it give a perfect little living touch in your monotone outfit? :)

unbranded grey parisian and tosca inner hijab, Three Second white shirt, inherited auntie's vintage vest, Annisa jeans-alike skirt, TLTSN zebra flat, Dear Darla necklace

I really love the tribal signature necklace that I made for my brand Dear Darla. I love it so much until I decided to wear it by myself instead of sell it hehe...
Anyway the brand is hiatus for a while because the founder (me and my friend) are busy settling things. But early next year the longest, everything will be set up :)

I'll see you around people! xoxoxoxo

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