Sunday, July 8, 2012

For Beau's Birthday

Decided to make an artwork for my loved one's birthday last 19th June... I can't never really enough thanking God for let him staying by my side until now... even get a chance to soon tie the knot with him, alhamdulillah :') Hey, EAW, I love you! :p

By the way, yesterday he just came here to Surabaya, passing through 12 hours of road trip only to do a live version of 'I'm so sorry' after our last hard arguments which ended with me bursting too much tears. Anyway, I didn't plan to forgive him so soon... but after seeing him in front of my house, I felt like all the anger and sadness soon went away... Silly, huh? I know... people can be so silly when they were in love ;p
He back to his town in that night because actually he will be moving to another place in two days. Talk about packing stuff. Nevertheless, I really appreciate what he have done. He even still wearing his working pants! :)

Hearing a lover babbling is quite boring, eh? :p I'll see you soon, people! Have a good day! :)


lisana icha said...

you got me there with your last sentence. thank god you posted pictures because i read almost none of the writing underneath. :D haha. langgeng mbak, ndang sebar undangan!

misstyzha said...

hahaha..I am afraid that it is because my bad English so you didn't get what it means ;p Thanks cha, will do soon :D