Saturday, July 21, 2012

Chilies Tunny

My cooking mood is back! Last few days I went to a market to restock my refrigerator when I spotted some tunny (s). I really into this kind of fish; easy to prepared and delicious as well. For me, the smaller its size, the better its taste :)

I usually just fry it over and eat it with warm rice and stir fry; kangkung mostly. But this time, I was thinking about something spicy and hot. So after the regular fried tunny was done, I made sort of sauce based on chilies, garlic and onions. The flavor of the sauce was coming by the mix of salt, a bit of sugar, soy sauce, oyster sauce and the base of course, oil and water. 
My mom often make this dish since my dad (and I) really like highly seasoned food. My brother who sometimes doesn't tolerate hot foods just need to eat the fish itself and set the chilies aside. Oh, suddenly I miss home, and my mum homemade dish :')

The fishes were crunchy and the sauce was..yummmm... :9 I can't say no when it comes to chilies and onions :D

I also made some fried tempe for the side dish. Left the tempe with a mix of garlic paste, sugar and salt for 30 minutes, it turned out a savory fried tempe. I was confident about it since my brother saying that tempe was delicious hehe... Coming from him, it was a real compliment :D (he is a straightforward and a bit fussy; he said in front of my face that my first try steak was tough and he didn't want to eat it even for keep my feeling --'')

warm tempe is one of my faves :)

See you soon, people! Oh, and happy fasting! I hope we can keep the great enthusiasm until the very end! It is a very joyful month after all :)

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