Sunday, July 22, 2012

It Makes Us Human

I have just realized that this Ramadhan is way much different that I have been facing years before. One thing  which make it different is the fact that (Insha Allah) it is my last Ramadhan in 'single' status. I will be married next December and will spent Ramadhan ahead with my husband. Aminnnn :) It was also my last Ramadhan with student status since I will be officially graduated next September then spent my days as working-from-home-mom. Aminnnn... again :) Time flies, eh? :)

I never enough thank Allah for giving me this beautiful life. I wasn't born in a rich family, I see my dad working hard to achieve what he have now. My mom, is a 7 to 4 working mom who still can cook for her family everyday. She always wake up before morning time pray and sleep at last. Life teach me that nothing instant. That every success that matter, is something that done by hard work. 

I was working head over heels in my Final Project. I onced dreaming it will be my masterpiece. I got enough compliment in the start, well, I think at least I did it good. But almost in the end, someone told me that it was a shitty work. It hurt me that moment, and I can't think nothing else than how people can be so rude to others. I feels down. But now I see. Allah is very kind. He want to teach me something even in the very last time. No matter how hard you have try, not everyone will undertand the process. Some people always stick to what they see. In the other hand, there's also people who using critics to burn your feelings, to make you set a higher and higher standard for yourself. Cause they know you can do better than this. Sometimes just we need to dig deeper to find their true intentions :)

In the end, I learn something again. That it was no matter what people said, its you, yourself that fully understand about. And why we should cares who others think about us? It just a pity problem that will be facing in human lives. We just need to try to understand the context, take a lesson from it, then continue our lives. With same smile, same spirit :) Just take the positiveness and laughing over the negativity, we have much issue to solve than this, rite? What hurt us but doesn't kill us, will make us stronger :)

Have a good day! :)

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