Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What to Sing?

Woke up this morning with a lil hang in my head, then jumped out in front of PC monitor to go online. Why such in a rush? Well, I planned to manage my wedding song list...
Even so, I didn't expect it will bu turn out this hard; I mean, geez, it is almost two hours and minutes ago I still confused between Everyday I Love You by Boyzone or Nothings Gonna Change My Love for You by George Benson (anyway, Mr Benson won)! I was only allowed to pick 20 songs and was sunk between nowadays hits, my 90's music taste, and classics wedding songs...

The manager of my wedding's music entertainment said they tend to create particular atmosphere in my wedding, based on my personal option. I know what she was talking about; one of my friend created a wedding songlist that contained kind of songs you heard in a lounge. You know, kind which make you humming and shaking legs. Not enough to make you sing, only humming or shaking legs. Or only enjoy it.
I knoooww it is maybe good, talking about the harmony, one  theme, et cetera et cetera... but I realized I just want to hear songs that I love yet reflect my love story in my wedding *duh!*. And turned out it was a really a random list; what on earth Maher Zein will meet up with N'Sync, I asked you...

Well afterall the list finally had been made, I just need to hear what the manager said later. Oh, have I told you that I am damn nervous nowadays? Before my graduation, everything about wedding seems so far away... But today, I almost got a heart attack when realized we are going to the end of September!!! I got the bride-to-be blues yesterday when I found out the invitation was not exactly made like I expected. And the printing shop forgot to add the how-to-go-to-the-venue route... Thank's God, it's still early. We still have the time to fix it *exhale*

See, I am babbling around again. Please stay with me, at least until December :p See you soon!

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