Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dream versus Reality

Few months before I get married, I dreamed a lot about my life after I get married. In that time I and my hubby-to-be made some agreement about which and what in our future living. One of what consist there was I will become a housewife, a full housewife, at least for few months in the early months after we move out.
Raised by a working mom and had spent doing part-time work during my school year, become a full-time housewife never really freaked me out. Frankly, I was beyond excited. Maybe I am a bit tired and bored with my busy life, and become a housewife, a full one, was, I think, such a retreat. I imagined we live in a small house; I will wear that flowy dress, humming a love song while cooking or baking... I made an afternoon snacks compliment by warm tea every day... I, in our little garden, watering flowers while waiting for the soon-back-home hubby. That almost like fairytale dreams stick in my head and made me literally can’t wait to live just the two of us.

But, gosh, sometimes reality wasn't be as sweet as candy.

Yes, we got that small house but after weeks living in it, I miss the spacious one which I can place my abundant petty little things wherever I want. Forget that flowy dress, it give me a hard time while doing the laundry. Afternoon snacks? Who will eat it since hubby have just arrived at home above 6 PM? And that picture of me watering flowers...c’mon, we had no garden. Talk about the risk of living in a packed housing in the city.

I once read a relationship article that you should always look dress up, clean and fragrant everytime your spouse back home. I can’t be more agree than that. But what happened here was I couldn’t avoid times when hubby back home and I haven’t take a bath yet, my hair was such a mess and I wear yesterday cloth. The reality sometimes won’t be as sweet as in our dreams, and the theory is not as easy to be implemented. And become a full time housewife was not a joke, moreover if you managed to keep working from home. Okay, so just said I am working from home mom instead a full housewife.

You know when we get married, my hubby gave me a sewing machine as one of our mahar*. I love crafting and I was looking forward to have plenty of time to sew in my studio, with my brand new machine. We have been married for almost six months, but that sewing machine still packed in its box, never been used even took out from its box. Now it is a real joke, eh?

Well, I am nowhere near complaining since the one that have to be complained is my self haha... I tend to make this post as a ironic joke. Bitter comedy? Well, not that bitter I guess.

Banana pancake with caramel sauce. The only afternoon snack I have been made so far. Hope it won't be the last (duh!)

Cheese omelet with tomato and spinach plus guava juice for busy morning. Sorry for under quality pic! I took it with my cellphone camera
In the other hand, I was hoping that I can post more of my cooking projects here. I have been cooking a lot (everyday, literally) and I practice a lot of new menus as well! I will try to manage my time better and right after my camera and computer fixed, I am sure will bring lots of delish pics around :)

I'll see you very soon! Speed up people!

*mahar (Indonesian language) is sort of gift that groom give to the bride in akad nikah (an Islamic wedding process which the groom made an agreement to take over the responsibility of the bride from her father). This mahar will be the bride's forever property unless she decide to give it to the other hand. Mahar mostly are valuable things such as gold, jewelry, et cetera.


Rahadityo Mahindro Bhawono said...

Terlihat enak

Rahadityo Mahindro Bhawono said...

Kelihatannya enak.

misstyzha said...

Halo mas radit! thanks for dropping by yaa.. and also the compliment :D sure it's tastes good!