Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Too Long!

I knooowww... I could be the lamest blogger in the world! Leaving this blog for..let me count, more than a month? Geez, no wonder I a was feeling crazy nowadays... Let's just skip the regular confession right? And, oh,  hello! It's really been a long time! :D

By the way, during my blog hiatus, I have been doing enough browsing and instagram-ing. Here are some things I heart lately ♥


Ayang Cempaka's drawing. I found her via Instagram and in a second love with her beautiful illustration works. I know I can't say no with something cute/ floral / watercolor-based
Geometric cushion from Linoluna. Found the link via Tara Amelz blog and mesmerized with the simple yet sophisticated modern eclectic cushion. Can't say no to geometric pattern, definitely!
Chic and Darling new logo. Who doesn't love this beautiful, script font style with floral touch logo of the newest 'it' home decor brand? I know I do.
Karlie songket from Up. I never been a real fan of ethnic heels I guess. But when Diana Rikasari offers this little black boots, I know the Indonesian twist is too precious to let go.

What things you heart lately? I'd love to hear! Anyway please stay tune on my blog since I have a BIG good news that I will share tomorrow. Pinky promise!

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