Friday, November 22, 2013

Between Deadlines

Hello! I am currently in hiatus mood. No, it's not about the lack of mood now but I am on a tight deadline. One magazine layout, three book covers and couple of illustration work must be submitted by next week! I am so much enjoying it but even that I have to say it's not easy to stay in front of the computer as much as I did before...this lil sprout seems doesn't really like that idea! I get terrible hangover and over exhausted if I did so...

By the way, this little pumpkin turn 20 weeks now. I am super excited to know the gender but seems I have to wait until next month! I can't wait to do baby clothes shopping hihi... The future dad is excited as well, he spend more times talking to my bump, telling he/she about my flaws and how he/ she shouldn't be as fussy as me and should take bath more! How inappropriate...

I am planning to give a birth in Surabaya. Actually I feel safer if I can stay with my husband until the time...but after thinking about other possibilities, the plus and minus, all that, we finally decide that Surabaya is the best place. Not only I and him are the city resident (based on our id card) but the most important thing is the health system is waaayyy much better than the one we have here. I am 99% will choose Husada Utama Hospital as the place to deliver but I am still mix up about the obsgyn. I got two big candidates but we'll see in couple months what I finally choose :)

Umm...what else? I suppose to continue working now but I got stuck on my cover work so I think giving my brain a lil bit rest won't hurt anyone hehe..
I will make a list about what happened nowadays in my life just like it's really important..

1. Two days ago my husband's boss invited all his colleagues in his department to have a casual dinner gathering. My husband always take me everywhere since he can't stand seeing me alone in the house when he "have fun outside", so he ask me to come as well. I was so excited that there would be couple of names that I was familiar with, and there was a chance to practice my English; his boss was Romanian, around forty, nice, sort of rock and roll boss. I met him once and I really happy to see how my husband getting along well with him. But unfortunately, that night I get over exhausted (after matters I have mentioned above) so when hubby pick me after work, I barely couldn't wake up from bed and couldn't accompany him huhu...

2. In this date, next month, we will have our wedding anniversary. Oh my God...I can't believe it is almost a year I married this amazing guy :') Sure I was looking forward to see what will we have to celebrate :)

3. I admitted, officially, this is the time that I miss school the most. I guess I am always a  student at heart; I always find peaceful at library and I am enjoying books and classes so much, despite the score that I get (not that I got bad score in uni you know..). I know I will continue my study someday, but nowadays it just  feels heartbreaking when I see people who study overseas or simply seeing scholarship offering in my Twitter timeline. I guess I need to really arrange when and how I will really take my master degree... Godspeed!

4. Again it's about my pregnancy! I am so happy that I am now eating like a pig (almost literally..) and I am gaining my weight, alhamdulillah... Little Cibon is a bit picky in food so I change my menu and milk flavor regularly. I am still hoping that I will gain some kilos in months ahead, aamiinn :)

Well, that's a bit from me. I'll write again after kick all these stuffs. See ya, fellas!

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