Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Welcoming December ♥

I know I have told you ton times that December is my favorite time of the year. But I don’t care, I will shout it once again; DECEMBER IS MY FAVORITE MONTH EVER!!! In December I have two birthday of special person in my life. First is my best friend Dila on 3rd (I almost forget! Not that I forget she had birthday on that day, but it’s more like I forget it was already December 3rd..) and my father on 24th (I don’t know will he be in Surabaya on the day or not. If so, maybe the whole family will have a dinner out or something like that). Beside that of course there is MY VERY OWN BIRTHDAY THAT WILL BE HAPPENED IN LAST DAY OF DECEMBER. Yes, in this 31st I will officially half century old. There were no any good about counting the number (hmpf) but just like every normal human, I am happy when the birthday is coming, whatever the reason is! Hehehe… Aannnddd last but not least, I WILL HAVE MY VERY FIRST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY IN 22ND!! YAYYYY!!! Oh my God, oh my God, I just can’t believe that time sure flies so faasssttt…especially if you enjoy every minute of it!

Well, since there are many special events this months, let me pick one that will be talked about today…hey, how about talking about my birthday first??? :D

I usually make a birthday wish list every year so it’s easy for everyone to decide which gift for me because it is feels fun. My boyfie (now my husband) used the list to throw a bday surprise gift for me in two years row so I know, it works for some people hehe… Last year I didn’t make any list since I was busy with wedding preparation but in the end of that December I was so happy that I got the best gift in my life so far; a hubby in my side. He woke up early to whisper ‘happy birthday, babe’ directly-no need telephone call now, managed to throw a birthday cake surprise-before his mom ruined it (accidentally), and we spent the rest of the night on the Cilacap to Surabaya bus, hugging each other, felt warm and blessed and of course full of happiness :’) I have no idea what will happen this year since I didn’t give him a decent celebration in his last birthday on June 19th…but let’s just have fun and make a list :D

25th Birthday Wishlist

1.    Wild Flowers by Colour, Marjorie Blameys’s

I fell in love in an instant when I saw this book in @ayangcempaka instagram account. I have tried local Kinokuniya, Periplus, Aksara and other bookstores that my friends had recommend but still I can’t find this baby... Ayang said she bought in Kinokuniya, but I think not in Indonesia, eh?

2.    Scripts, Steven Heller and Louise Fili’s Enough said. Found this amazing book via Instagram too, now via @cindydwianjani. Truly agree with the caption.

3.    Lots of cool (and cheap!) fabrics

My kind of fabrics now, its shabby! Courtesy of @mariananugroho

Some of you may know that now I am running a little business called The Darling outerwear and beyond (beside Dear Darla Crafthings that firstly launched). It is a fashion label where I provide comfy, darling-ready to wear clothes (and beyond) which is hijab friendly. Actually it is a half-idealistic project since I rarely found local brand that suits my need for both syar’i and fashionable outfit. And like everyone in this business, seeing beautiful fabric (and get it with best buy price) is truly a satisfaction!

4.   Bon Classy shoes

My love is the one with pink heart. I hope they still have my number (is it 36? or 37?? /#$@%)

I met this docmart specialist when I attended SYC creative market this early December. I tried the shoes and surprised in how light-weighing and comfy it is. All of the cutie pies made me confused so I chose to discuss it with my hubby first and back to their stand later. But unfortunately I was forget to back until the event ended :(
5.  Baby gear
I will give a birth soon. Even we still don’t know about our baby’s gender, but things with neutral colors sure are kind of nice (and helpful gift) now hehehe..

6. Something pretty to fill my little home (soon)

All from their instagram account

I love the eclectic green couch and table.. I think the initial coffee table is absolutely gorgeous... And who can resist the beauties of shabby pillow! 

6.   Knick knacks or any illustration books
It is my all-time birthday gift. I will never resist it. Truly a major love. (Clues: now I am in vintage and shabby mood. But I never lost my lust for eclectic and bold patterns!)

Well, that’s it. I don’t have much wishlist this year. To be honest, one thing that I really would love to have/do is become a better person. I know it is the biggest cliche ever... but still and all, that is the humblest yet sometimes hardest thing to do, eh? :)

I'll be around soon, loveliest! ♥

PS: I am now on my way to 6 months pregnancy. Happy, I am almost teary :')

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