Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Early-Year List

Here we go..the ritual of the new year heheh.. making resolution! Before we off to that, let's evaluate 2013's resolution!

1. Pregnant
     Alhamdulillah...Allah give us one of the best gift for our marriage so far :) maybe it's a bit late than the time we have anticipated before, but we know it is the best decision coming from Allah :) Insha Allah if everything run smoothly, I will giving birth in the almost midst of April :)

Read my pregnancy journey here!

      2. Writing at least one book
       Failed :( I guess all the blast of newlywed life made me forget of this one..

      3. Giving rebirth to Dear Darla
        Another alhamdulillah.. Started around March/ April 2013 I finally make up my mind and heart (and money of course) to broaden my line into woman outfit called The Darling. For now we are selling scarves and woman outfit which is hijab friendly. We started with blouse, blazers, pants..simply the basic items. But who know where the wind will blows?  Beside that, I still keep my half-idealistic brand that now become a supporting brand, Dear Darla Cafthings. If you have something to do with accessories/ scrapbook/ personal gift/ etc, don't hesitate to tell us!

Check our instagram account here!

       4. Doing more artsy thingy
       One artwork a week..that's what I said last year. I guess that's a wide definition of artwork. I did a lot of photowork/editing/designing last year! But I am looking forward to do more sketches this year for sure!
I love making quote cards! Here are a few of my design that I use as gimmick for every The Darling's product purchasing :)

      5. Moving to a new house and decorate it to keep my artsy spirit alive
       I didn't do too much decorating work in our rented house. It's because it turned out that the renovation didn't really suit my taste so just called me lost my mood. But alhamdulillah again.. it's beyond our expectation, we got a precious opportunity to have our very own house! The house building is under process but I'll share some of the sneak peek soon :) You also can read my old post about finding that dream house here 

      6. Make a finance plan and take care our lil family finance
       I have made a separate bank account for family money, savings, and business of course. We did a regular evaluation about what we need/ will buy/ sort of things. There were still minus in here and there so we keep on learning! :)

      7. Submit hajj application
       Alhamdulillah... done. It is every moslem dream to see Baitullah. Labbaik allahuma labbaik :)

     8. Learning more about business and invest
    We did a bit of investment and plan to gain more knowledge about that this year :)

And's time for

I can't wait to launch Dear Darla x The Darling new website..
Can't wait to take this brand into the next level..
Also can't wait to launch my new personal project!

Can'wait to start the new chapter of my life, parenthood!
Can't wait to live in our new house..and decorate it heheh..

I will learn about reksadana syariah..
Learn about other form of investment beside gold..
Learn to save more!

I vow to keep persistent with my one day one juz program.. and my other spiritual program..
Dress more modest and syar'i. Hijab must cover over the chest and use socks everytime I leave the house!

Bismillah, I can do it!

Hey, have you share your resolution yet? It's good to write it down to remind yourself, you know, whether you lost your direction or whatsoever... Share you're dream! Who knows anyone out there will help you reach them faster than you think? :)

I'll keep updating soon! Much love from me and my little peanut, Cibon!

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