Friday, January 24, 2014

♥ Heartwarming Holiday ♥

Beautiful hydrangea that I accidentally spotted during holiday

Tasty warm-served serabi in Jalan Lawu, Cilacap

Having a very goood times sharing stand with the girls of @kamicinta during Sunday Market vol.4 Tokyo Rising :) I looked like a watermelon, eh? :p

I couldn't see my own feet, thanks to this bomby womby 

Family retreat in this place. I never really into mountains, but this one is an exception

The view of the tea garden was amazing. Too bad it was raining all day long..wondering it will be way more amazing in the sunny day

The first The Darling photoshoot using my brand new artificial grass carpet haha! So much fun!!

So, did you have a heartwarming holiday as well? I'd love to hear!

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