Sunday, October 30, 2011

the Sambal Goreng Kentang

My cooking mood is back! Consequence of being a moody is you have the ups and downs almost in everything hehehe...
Decided to make a Sambal Goreng Kentang for lunch... and decided to keep the leftover for Fried Rice-Noodle :)

I used everything that can be found in my refrigerator... which turned out I used chicken nuggets instead of chicken liver as usual Sambal Goreng hehehe...

How to make it is uber simple. Just blend all the spices (chilies, cayenne, tomatoes, garlic) before fry it together fried-chopped potatoes and nuggets. Don't forget to add sugar and salt during your cooking. Then, voila! Done!
For the Fried Rice-Noodle all you need is fry the ingredients together just like you make fried rice. Add another additional ingredients as you like. In my case, I put egg during the cooking process which turned out a scrambled egg, perfectly combined with other substances.

I must admit I prefer the dish to be more spicy. But I don't cook it for myself. Since my tester... uhm, my brother can't stand hot meals, I made it less spicy, more to sweet. And I guess he loves it! :)

Anyway, how's your weekend fellas? My grandma have been sick for couple days :( Hope she'll gets well very soon! Besides my regular visit to her house, I spare my time to do some projects and... doing nothing hehehe... Next agenda are I'm going to have molar surgery tomorrow and starting working on my Final Project, again! The holiday is finally over ;p

 I'll see you in no time darlings! x

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