Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Beads and the Dots

Hello people! I'm back yippeee... Finally I changed my internet provider which means I'm no longer having headache cause of the slow internet connection yeayyy!! Oh yes, this new provider satisfy me so far :)

News from me is I've just had molar surgery last Monday, that's the biggest reason I didn't blog. Cause it sucks! :( Honestly I almost didn't feel the pain, but the bleeding really kills! Imagine you suddenly woke up on 2 AM and realized the blood was flooding in your mouth :'(((((
Anyway I had passed the worst, even I still need a regular check up. I can happily munching fries again, that's the best :D

lately I'm into bold colors. Unbranded top and knitted skirt, Roxy bag, Sox Gallery socks, Yongki Komaladi shoes, D-I-Y necklace

Oh and I love my new D-I-Y necklace. Have planned to sell it but later found out I wearing it almost all the times :D

That's a very quick post for me! See you tomorrow, hopefully! :D

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