Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Old Pals

I don't expect last Sunday could be that fun! Meet old friends from JOC ICCI 2011 in our coordinator of the organizing committee's wedding party. That brings back the happy memories that we shared during three days handling international conference in Bali last March :)

The one with udeng was Mas Gusti, the groom. Left to him was the bride.

And at night, spent time with another old pals by having dinner and hangout in coffee shop later... The best thing that night was Aar, the only boy, paid all the bills! Hihi... He's already working so maybe that was sort of thanksgiving... Aar works in Jakarta and he was coming to Surabaya for business trip so it was a good chance to meet him after long time no see :)

Dila and Aar. No, there was no crush over them right now. Only in the past :p *run away from Dila*

 Super happy!!! :)


sabilablabla said...

woaaahh... kyaknya asik sukurannya mas gusti!! sial bgt gabisa dateng >.<

misstyzha said...

haha iya asik sab..cuma anak-anak pada bingung. acaranya di pecel picukko sajiannya gada pecel-nya blas hihi