Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kaleidoscope and Resolution

Am I too late to write about it? Just pretend I am not hihi... Well, if I am not mistaken I had wrote sort of kaleidoscope in last bottom year but was incomplete yet. So lemme give you the full what-I-have-got in the past year. Started with my 2011 resolution, let's check it if I am already marked enough! :)

1.    I plan to take English course again. 
Alhamdulillah, yes I checked it. After spent almost two round in English First I felt enough for my 'basis' English ability. With last status as Upper Intermediate student, I took placement test in UPT Bahasa dan Budaya ITS and next thing I knew I've become TOEFL Preparation student :) The class have just started this early year.
2.    Take French course. 
Not like my English course that went very well, my French wasn't. After took it almost half year, I realized that I still wasn't not highly motivated learning this language. That thing was worsened with the fact that I didn't get along well with the teacher. So, I quit. I think I should find the right time and start learning again (maybe in new place?) if I still wanna speak fluently in French hehe...
3.    Finished my Bandung serial post.. 
Ha! I made it! See the serial here, here, and here :) And don't forget about Bandung's culinary here too!
4.    Finished my first book.
Aw... I'm failed. This year for sure! After I cleaned up all the mess called Final Project ;p
5.    Win any competition in writing/ design area 
Big fail again... Same excuse as number four..
6.    Writing serious literature. I mean poems, things like that
Yes, I wrote several poems and sent to Mr Amien Wangsitalaja. I am still waiting the news if my works going to be published in poem compilation book :) I also started writing poem again regularly to refine my literature writing skill since I had been too long writing straight news articles :p 
7.     Build Dear Darla..  An accessories line I've been doing with my mates. 
After my mate, Uut, graduated, of course she was soon busy applying for job. And me? I started working in my Final Project so this Dear Darla was out of our mind for a while. I decided after I graduate I'll focus on DD since I had planned to not working in ads agency or sort of things which will take all my time.   
8.    Arrange my life goals.. I should take it seriously. Bismillah..
I have made it but I renew it in some period of times since, especially this year, there will be a big change in my life, Insha Allah. So I am still working on the best formula :)

So... that was my kaleidoscope for 2011. How about 2012?

My 2012 resolution may be sounded simple. I choose only to write the big picture here and as time goes by, we'll see how small others things will help me reach them.

1. Graduate from university. No more deal. Spent almost 5 years here is enough; I should face the after-college life soon; like or not. Bismillah!

2. Getting married.... *my cheeks are suddenly blushing, gosh.. :p* Well, you will see in months ahead the clues (or maybe the sneak peeks!) about this big day! Or should I mention 'the most anticipated day'? :p

3. Having my own full time job. Actually I already started being freelancer since my first year of uni.. But being full timer of course will be different! My plan so far is applying job as reporter in The Jakarta Post. Coolness! :D

4. Writing books. You know it's been my dream since a long time... Writing a book I mean. But I still have no idea what I'm going to write! Well, since I make children book as my Final Project I suppose that is a good start, amin! :)

5. Writing 'serious' literature. Don't worry, I'll stick with my babbling here! But I also decided to spare my time doing more serious writing; that's if I still want becoming a journalist or writing a book :)

6. Post at least one artwork here each month. Even I am so deep in love with writing I shouldn't forget my root as design student hehehe... Beside that, honestly, both art and writing share the same special space in my heart! *duh ;p

That's all people. Hey, have you made your own resolution? Share to me, I'd like to see yours! :)


Artika Farmita said...

I've got several resolutions are same with yours. Tyzha...
Getting married, going Design Master college, 1-day-1-photo, and finishing my personal project so it can be published and funded :)

misstyzha said...

Aminn mbak..semoga sama2 dimudahkan semua ya :)