Sunday, December 22, 2013

The First From Forever

Can't believe that our marriage turns out one year old today.. Can't believe that I have been married this amazing guy for a year.. It still feels like yesterday we stare, held each other hand, feeling grateful for being officially halal and now we both mesmerized for the fact that we have been sharing the bitter sweet of life for 365 days together . I hope (and I guess we will do it well!), that it is really the first anniversary which lead to forever. Aamiin :)

#throwback 22.12.2012. Beautiful party in a more beautiful day with the most beautiful feeling 

We didn't make any particular party to celebrate our first anniversary. Actually I have work in that day (selling clothes in bazaar) but we plan to have lunch/dinner in our nostalgic restaurant that have just got the halal certificate from MUI.  I couldn't wait to taste their Chicken Cordon Bleu again haha!

Smiling all day long..despite my can't-be-hidden-anymore-pregnancy, we still look like a young lovebirds, eh? :p

Finally, HALAL! :D

It was a humble celebration but I was very happy that day :) I never ask too much for this kind of thing; the only-us time was more than enough 

Thank you Allah for Your grace over our life... Thank you honey for the amazing year, looking forward to spent the rest of my life with you  I love you and happy anniversary!

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